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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  July 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute i'm scott thuman. >> i am cynee simpson. we will check in with steve in a moment, but first is adam caskey. things turned out okay yesterday. >> they did. we saw rain in other locations but the national mall was dry. we are live on this tuesday morning and the weather center. notice the cloud cover south of the metro area moving on out of here. pushing to the east. mostly sunny skies for most of us. south of the metro 74 in lexington park. 63 in martinsburg.
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67 in hagerstown. south of town, partly cloudy skies and chances of an isolated thunderstorm for fredericksburg to southern maryland. otherwise, a lot of sunshine. 91 the height of the church. we will talk about the extended forecast coming up -- 91 is the high tech a juror. a look at 270. moving pretty well as you enter montgomery county. we will see if everybody got back into town. we will head over to 66 near ackley boehner road in arlington county where we see roadwork usually, but it looks like everything is free and clear now. we're in good shape. there was some utility work going on closing portions of gelelebe near old dominion road. driver loses control and
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crash is your car into a home. we begin with a dramatic scene in aspen hill. the woman lost control of her car near the intersection of aspen hill road and park land drive. her car slammed into a house causing a lot of damage. the woman was arrested. investigators are looking into whether drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. our top story. a dangerous holiday weekend on the water. this morning, one child is dead, one man is missing and another man is fighting for his life. >> separate accident but similar circumstances. brianne carter is a live along the potomac river with details. >> the latest incident happened right here on out on the potomac river just a few hours ago. holiday celebrations turned into scary situations. this morning, a man is trying to recover after being pulled from
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the potomac river late last night. officials say the man hit his head and fell into the water while he was trying to tie his boat. this came hours after a man nearly drowned in germantown. >> it is not the kind of water do think would be dangerous. >> the 38 year-old was trying to recover his electorate toy boat in gunners lake when he went under. he is said to be in critical condition. >> you never know when you go out there in the first place. you have to be very careful in what . >> at sandy point park a hall of a tragedy that left a little boy dead. the boy was swimming in an unguarded area of the park when he went under. he was pronounced dead at a hospital. >> a lot of people were screaming because it was a little child. and everybody participated trying to find him. >> out here on the potomasc at
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this hour, there are boaters that remain out here, some saying that they would stay overnight to avoid the heavy traffic during the incident in which that boater was in the water. meanwhile, an autopsy is being performed on an 11-month old girl that drowned in a bathtub in germantown. the infant was left unattended on sunday afternoon. a family member founder of response . child protective services is investigating. another big story is picking up the pieces. two storms pounded parts of the region. the cleanup is barely under way. >> we have a look at the destructions and one of the hardest hit parts of northern virginia. >> early this morning several
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roads remain blocked and closed throughout arlington county. it is obvious that people here are picking up the pieces left behind by sunday's storm. early this morning officials are saying that several roads will remain closed. old dominion drive and cleve road. people describe this area after the storm as it were some. neighbors we talked to said that they were left cleaning up the big mess that mother nature and left behind. the storm toppled trees on the houses and cars and of downed power lines. it took off sections of other people's roofs. other areas took a big hit from the storm. trees smashed cars parked along streets in capitol hill. in bowie maryland, lightning struck a tree where a mother was. they are ok. if you use the areas on old
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dominion road or glebe road, officials are requesting you take an alternate route. looking out at the day ahead. a florida jury will resume deliberating casey anthony's fate. the panel deliberated six hours yesterday without reaching a verdict. she is charged with killing her two-year old daughter in 2008. she could get the death penalty if convicted. 5:06. the senate is back in session after a short july 4 recess. the debt debate will take center stage. they will try to craft a deal that will increase the nation's borrowing limit. democrats say there needs to be a new source of revenue. a lot people winding down from the fourth of july excitement. the main attraction waws the fireworks. >> it's wonderful.
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>> hundreds of thousands of people from across the u.s. attacked the national mall yesterday. they got there pretty early in the day to be sure to get the best possible spot. look for a slideshow of those fireworks at still ahead one case falls apart and a new one comes to light. the latest allegations against former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. the break from the 90's as you head back to w ork.
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>> tuesday morning. a week frontal boundary is south of the metro area. some clouds are lingering in southern maryland and down 95 at south of the beltway. a lot of sunshine today. humidity will be down a little bit locally, north of the metro area. 75 in the district. 64 in winchester. lexington park is warmer at 74. fredericksburg is 72.
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on our way to 90 degrees. cooler than that north and west of the metro area. mostly sunny skies, further south of the area, culpeper towards the solomons and lexington park, we could have a few thunderstorms later this afternoon. tonight, a storm possible celt of the metro area. tomorrow, a few scattered storms in the afternoon. high temperatures to near 90. typical july conditions. uncertainty settled into sunday as uncertainty may affect our weather and give increased clout and a chance of showers. we have some uncertainty today but how many people will be back in town. we will start with all look at the american legion bridge. the volume is picking up but no major delays so far. keep in mind everything is back to normal in terms of hov restrictions. 270 at 109 moving smoothly.
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a little volume past the excess forit for the truck scales. thank you. 5:12 70 degrees on this tuesday. >> why a fox news twitter account is under investigation by the secret service. >> american tourists are still another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you.@ then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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checking our top stories. investigators are trying to piece together an overnight car crash that heavily damaged and aspen hill home. police said the woman lost control near the intersection of aspen hill road and park land drive. three people were in the house at the time. one was injured. the woman was taken into custody.
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it was a dangerous weekend on the region's water waste. a child drowned during a holiday outing at sandy point park. am man nearly drowned in germantown. another man is hospitalized after being pulled from the potomac river. exxon mobil says it will do everything it can to clean up an oil spill on the yellowstone river. the company also says it will be a larger drop than first thought. 42,000 gallons of oil spilled when a 12 inch pipe burst last weekend. it's 5:15 now. and 7 american tourists are missing after an annual fourth of july fishing trip to mexico went wrong. a freak storm capsized their 115 feet footoot boat. 19 tourists and all crew members were picked up by the navy. john hendron joins us with
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details. >> good morning. "the erik" had stabilizers to handle the north sea, but it was no match for the freakish store in the gulf of mexico -- of california. the tourists got the most chilling wakeup call. they were told that the ship was sinking. early sunday morning about 60 miles south of san felipe it hit a flash storm. two waves capsized the boat. at 2:30 monday morning the vessel sank. many survived for 16 hours clinging to coolers and life vests. 44 passengers and crew on board. 27 were american. one american is dead. the search goes on for several others that remain missing. we are hoping they are
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hanging on there. a developing story. former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn is facing new sexual assault allegations. a french writer says she -- he tried to rape her in 2002. dominique strauss-kahn denies the allegations. he is charged with sexually assaulting and york city hotel maid. that case has questions about the accusers' credibility. joe biden is getting plugged in. the vice president is now on twitter. his handle? vp. he has 8500 followers. she is not following anybody himself, not even the president. so fairr he tweeted about saluting his troops and their families on the fourth of july. >> hit me on my blackberry.
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the fox news tweet that was not true and launched a secret service investigation. >> we have that story and why google shut down real time search. >> the secret service is looking into a hack attack. someone broke into the fox news politics twitter account and tweeted messages that the president was assassinated. google shut down its real time search service. they want to integrate real time with its own social networking projects. "cars 2" racing game does not follow the storyline but it does feature the same character . gives it high marks. >> you'd be hard-pressed to find a more charming game that is family friendly this summer.
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>> abc news is a division of the walt disney company. now turning to traffic and weather. how's it looking? '>> july-like. not too humid. one bonus. it will vary a little bit depending on where you live. let's start with current temperatures. warm in the district, 75. cooler north and west of the metro area. for example 63 in martinsburg. less humid north and west. dewpoints near 70 in manassas. oppressive.
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the same story and culpeper and southern maryland. so south of the metro you may have a little bit of a committee in the air. locally, we will get relief. south of the metro area, culpeper stafford, lower southern maryland, you run the risk of an isolated thunderstorm. the rest of us will have a lot of sunshine. this is the satellite radar composite. the gray is the cloud cover. left over. the overnight rainshowers have come to an end. even the cloud cover is moving out. a lot of sunshine today. here is the hourly forecast. 91 the high temperature mostly sunny. winds are light and variable. not a refreshing breeze. culpeper that is where we have a chance of a few isolated or scattered late de thunderstorms. tomorrow everybody has a chance of a storm.
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highs in the lower 90's. we could have a weak disturbance moved into our region on the weekend from the caribbean. it is something we will keep an eye on. the committee has not started on this first day back. 270 at 109 a little heavier but moving at speed. after that 270 is good to the lane divided on to the inner loop or the outer loop of the beltway. the beltway at university boulevard looking very smooth in both directions. if you're heading downtown crossing the national mall, everything looks very good across 14th street. everything is cleared away from the mall. thanks. 5:21. 70 degrees. bryce harper makes his a.a.
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debut. can he live up to the high. >> 13 years ago police found a little girl living in a dog cage. that's at 4:00 on "oprah."
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remember year ago and we tracked every move that stephen
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strasburg made? but now it is time to do it all over again with bryce harper. the nationals promoted harper to aa harrisburg. in his first at-bat, singles. 2-3 with a walk. don't get too excited. irzzorizzo said the plan is to let him finish up the season and had to arizona. the orioles. it's a 2-1 shot. the rangers win 13-4. that is a look at morning sports. have a great day. 5:25. 70 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> take the out to the crowd. how the first lady is paying
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tribute to military families. >> holiday celebrations on the water turned into a dangerous day. >> a weak fronta,ll
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. you would not think of these waters as being dangerous. >> trees on houses, power lines down. >> two big stories. danger of the water and mother nature's might. much more on those stories coming up. we begin with traffic and
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weather as we do every 10 minutes. adam caskey has a first check on the forecast. >> everybody at home early this morning. we have all week frontal boundary south of the metro area. it will affect our weather a little bit today. this morning, you can see on our radar composite that we had overnight showers in lower southern maryland. they came to an end early this morning and has pushed to the east. lingering cloud cover itself of d.c. a lot of sunshine today as that frontal boundary is weak. the 72 in oxon hill. stevens the city is 66. 71 in waldorf. mostly sunny for most of us. 91 is the high temperature locally. south of the metro area, we cannot rule out an isolated late date thunderstorms later on today. tomorrow everybody has a chance of a few storms. high temperatures and the low 90's. class will see how we are
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doing in silver spring. traffic is heading towards us. the traffic is getting heavier but we are in good shape between college park and silver spring. over to 66 near the roosevelt bridge, leaving arlington county heading into the district, lots of space between the vehicles. looks very good now. the downtown area is moving smoothly. we will head over to the george washington parkway between reagan national airport and the memorial bridge. traffic moving smoothly in both directions. so far no accidents or issues to deal with this morning. not bad. 5:30. a driver loses control and crashed his car into a home. take a look at this video. the woman lost control of her car near the intersection of aspen hill road and park land drive. her car slammed into the house, causing a lot of damage. the woman was arrested. investigators are looking into
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whether drugs or alcohol played a role. a big story is a safety on the water. one child is dead, one man is missing and one man is fighting for his life after nearly drowning over the holiday weekend. the three incidents took place at different times in different places, but they all highlight a common summer danger. brianne carter joins us live from the banks of the potomac with more details. >> good morning. officials say this is one of the busiest days out on the water. and these were scary situations. the latest happened a few hours ago. authorities say a man had to be pulled from the potomac. officials say the man hit his head while he was trying to tie up his boat. this came hours after a man nearly drowned in germantown. the 38-year-old man was trying
5:32 am
to recover an electorate toy boat in gunners lake when he went under. he is now said to be in critical condition at the hospital. at sandy point park, a holiday tragedy that left a little boy dead. the boy was a swimming in an unguarded area when she went under. he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. officials of your patrolling the waters yesterday said that everyone should always be safe. thank you. it's 5:32. new this morning the mexican navy is resume its search for seven americans missing since their fishing vote capsized off of baha, california on sunday. one american man died. 35 others were rescued after clinging to coolers and other objects for more than 16 hours.
5:33 am
it will be another day of picking up the pieces. >> sunday's one-two punch from mother nature left behind a trail of destruction. the cleanup is just getting started. >> people living in this north arlington neighborhood are still picking up the pieces left behind by sunday's summer storm. >> i have lived here 55 years and never seen anything like this. it looks like a war zone. >> this is what her neighbors are dealing with. >> trees and houses and cars and in the road. power lines down. all kinds of damage. >> they are sweeping up and cutting down and cleaning up. officials say that tackled trees blocked intersections for this morning's rush hour. >> lucky that no one was injured. >> other parts of our region took a big hit. trees smashed cars parked along streets in capitol hill.
5:34 am
in bowie md., lightning struck the roof of this home. all of this from a summer storm that many will not soon forget. >> it just happened in this neighborhood. we will not forget. >> 5:34 your time. in the day ahead jurors will continue to deliberate on whether casey anthony murdered her daughter three years ago. the jury got the case yesterday. they deliberated for six hours without reaching a verdict. she could get the death penalty if convicted. senators are returning to capitol hill after a short for the july break. it will work on an agreement that would clear the way for an increase in the nation's debt limit. republicans say there will not raise the debt ceiling without spending cuts and democrats say new revenue sources are needed. the house will return to work tomorrow. michelle obama will salute
5:35 am
military families during tonight's washington nationals a game. before the game, children from military families will escort her to home plate and one of them will throw out the first pitch. mrs. obama will join military families when they are recognized during the third inning. >> i am hoping the first lady would throw out the first pitch. she has the arms for it. we have more for the to light images. this was the scene in new york city. -- more fourhtth of july image. the macy's fireworks display was launched from six barges. this revelation was called "gift of freedom." the annual mason's hot dog eating contest in coney island. he won his sixth straight title.
5:36 am
sonya from alexandria won the women's contest, down 40 hotdogs in 10 minutes. appetizing. it's 5:35. 70 degrees. where the tours won't take you. inside look inside the west wing. first another
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>> hi. i'm captain butch arden reminding you that recurrent is the third leading cause of water related debt. never, in come in with out a life vest. "good morning washington". the temperatures vary across the region right now. 64 in cumberland to 74 in lexington park. 75 in the district. there's a weak frontal boundary along the south. we have some lingering clouds and added moisture. further south of the metro area, you will feel it today. a lot of sunshine today. 91 the high temperature.
5:40 am
a light and variable wind. in called covered towards lexington park that is where we could have a few isolated storms -- in cumberland. tomorrow and thursday everybody has a chance of a late day storm. the low 90's. waiting for everybody to get back to town. on 270 near 188 a little volume. approaching germantown, but not a major delay is to continue down to the beltway. we will have to virginia on 395. glebe road we had a report of a broken-down vehicles on the shoulders southbound. over to the springfield interchange. heading north on interstate 95, slow crossing the optacoccocquan. moving at speed.
5:41 am
well, the time is 5:40. it's 69 degrees. aerial acrobatics from the duke of cambridge. we will have the latest from the royal couple's trip to canada. >> where reporters and the president work together. we get an inside look at
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experience the sleep number difference. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores. checking our top stories. a woman is in custody after she allegedly lost control of her car and crashed into an aspen hill home. it happened overnight near the intersection of aspen hill road and park land drive. feet -- three people were in the hole at the time. one person was injured. people in some parts of our area will spend another day cleaning up the damage left behind after sunday's storms. the storms toppled trees onto homes, cars and power lines knocking out power to thousands
5:45 am
of homes and businesses. roger clemens will be in a federal courtroom in d.c. today for a pretrial hearing. the trial is scheduled to begin tomorrow. he is charged with lying to congress in 2008 about his use of performance enhancing drugs. it used to be dwight eisenhower's pool. now is home to the nation's press corps. they are squeezed into claustrophobic booth above and below ground, separated by a thin door from the white house staffers. john hendron takes us inside the west wing. >> there is their job more glamorous than covering the white house . >> welcome to my pen which is a place where they keep me. >> this is the view you see on tv. the correspondence, the presidential briefings. now we will take you behind the camera and show you how we see
5:46 am
it . the grand tour will take how long? >> if you very, you could be back in 45 seconds. >> here we go. the president has his personal chef. the journalists have this. if you are looking for fine dining, this is the sickroom. room for about 8 people and all the chips you can eat. outside, one of the world's best known landscapes. this is that you you are used to. the fountain with the red white, blue tulips. here's what you don't see. if you look past all these other network stand up positions earth moving equipment a construction zone, and further to the right the eisenhower executive office building with floor after floor of scaffolding. there is not a lot of room. i cannot really touched my arms out to side. >> the press operation fits into a space that used to be dwight eisenhower's pool.
5:47 am
>> tight confines over there. the traffic gridlock expected from the opening of the march center may be avoided temporarily. 6400 workers moved there will not move in by september 15. that is what officials are telling "the examiner." . only 2200 workers will be moved by that date. it's 5:47. and several republican presidential candidate spent for the july on the campaign trail. massachusetts governor mitt romney and former utah governor jon huntsman marched in a parade in new hampshire. newt gingrich and michele bachmann and rick santorum joined a parade in iowa. prince william and his wife kate middleton are wowing
5:48 am
crowds. on prince edward island yesterday, prince william got behind the controls of the military helicopter. kate watched from the ground, but later they competed in a dragon boat race. they leave for three day trip to california on july 8. tyler ferrar is in france, and it did not stop him from celebrating an independent state. he became the first ever american to win this stage of the tour de france on the fourth of july. it's his first personal victory in the prestigious race. his teammate retains the yellow jersey. 5:48. take a look at the weather today. how's it looking? >> not too humid. light to moderate.
5:49 am
almost a break from the humidity. it is not a complete reprieve. a little bit of a fluctuation. >> we will take it. >> it will be back tomorrow. that is for sure. take a look at the chesapeake bay this morning. lingering mid level clouds. the cloud cover is moving out of here. take a look at the temperatures and the rainfall totals on the right-hand side of your screen. triangle virginia picked up 8/10 of an inch. burke, 69. upper 60's. a few lower 70's to the south and southeast of the metro area. brandywine 70. we had overnight light rain showers that came through and came to an end early this
5:50 am
morning. locally, a lot of sunshine today. and even north of the metro area. highs in the low 90's. some upper 80's north and west of the metro area. light to moderate humidity. you will feel it, but it will not be oppressive. south of the metro area, a a weak boundary enough to act as a triggering mechanism for thunderstorms in culpeper and southern maryland, towards lexington park. cannot rule out a stretch of thunderstorms later on this afternoon south of the metro area. wednesday and thursday, we have a chance of seeing a straight thunderstorm, a garden variety nothing severe in the afternoon. uncertainty on friday and saturday. one computer model is hinting at a weak low pressure system writing up the coast line from the caribbean into our area. that may change our forecast.
5:51 am
something to keep in mind. it looks like to moderate as well on the roads. 270 at 109 got better. it was heavy approaching the exit to 109 down to the truck scales. over to the beltway between college park and silver spring. top of the screen is the outer loop heading towards new hampshire avenue. good shape. over to virginia on the dulles toll road. light volume. there was an accident northbound on fairfax county parkway. police are headed there right now. 5:51. it is time to check on business headlines . >> linda bell joins us at bloomberg headquarters. >> if you are thinking of
5:52 am
applying for a new home or car you may be in love. the average u.s. credit score is at the highest it has been for four years. equifax says that credit scores are seeing as a predictor of the likelihood that lenders would be paid back. it was an average of 56696 in may. the defense department leads in terms of spending on tablets. they spent more than 35 -- $39 million on tablet devices. agencies have purchased more than 100,000 tablets in that time period. smart phones are getting even smarter. more people are using their smart phones to unlock doors at hotels, even cars. "the new york times" says the number of businesses ranging from those companies to carmakers are betting on it for the future.
5:53 am
the market a system for home owners to use their mobile phones to unlock the front doors and turn on their air conditioning within miles of their home. i'm linda bell, reporting for abc 7 news. >> the dog days of summer, that is something that comes in. handy got that right. come in to work for you. keep working on it. >> 5:53.
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5:55. here is a quick look at what is trending on mothers natures mess. details of the dominique strauss-kahn's bail. all eyes on the nation's capital as america celebrates its 235th birthday. some high school students from charles county will be going to florida to see the final launch of the space shuttle "at lantis." >> they are conducting a signed experiment. >> we are going to grow one set of plants. we will send the other seeds on the space shuttle.
5:57 am
>> the students will analyze where those routes grow. there is non gravity in space. the seeds will grow for 12 days. when they return to earth, they will be closely inspected and study. we have a lot more to come in the next hour of "good morning washington". the latest on the search for several americans missing after a fishing
5:58 am
5:59 am
a car slammed into a house. the driver is under arrest. we will tell you what may have led to this dramatic scene. plus the cleanup continues. some neighborhood are dealing with the damage from sunday's storms. and a spectacular ending to a fabulous fourth of july. "good morning washington" at 6:00 starts right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute good morning washington. it is tuesday, july 5. >> i am cynee simpson. time for traffic and weather. we start with meteorologist adam caskey out of very nice day. less humid.